Biotal MDS 3000

A unique liquid toilet bowl cleaner combining eco-benign® chemistry with specially selected bacterial cultures to provide effective cleaning and biodegradation of organic matter and reduced build up of both inorganic and organic scale in sanitation piping

Biotal MDS 3000 contains proprietary, application-specific bacterial strains chosen specifically for the ability to degrade the materials found in shipboard waste systems. The eco-benign® chemistry present in the product works to safely clean the toilet and prevent scale formation in black water collection systems.

Biotal MDS 3000 is Low foaming for maximum vacuum system efficiency and is highly biodegradable . It is suitable for use in all marine sanitary and sewage treatment systems and can be used with common materials such as stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene.

On vacuum systems with a history of severe scale build up Biotal MDS 3000 can be used between descaling operations with Biotal Acid Replacement.


  • Can be used as the only toilet cleaner with added benefits on the collection pipes and sewage plant
  • Application-specific bacteria is proven to be able to degrade uric acid-based scales
  • Deep cleaning action of the product bacteria in toilet bowls, urinals and surrounding areas eliminates the source of unpleasant odours and provides an improved working environment
  • Eco-benign® scale-prevention chemistry reduces inorganic scale build-up
  • Breaks-down all waste materials associated with black water and toilet wastes (paper, fats, proteins)
  • Reduces both organic and inorganic build-up in sewage pipes, particularly in low water usage applications
  • Reduced build-up means lower odours
  • Will also have a beneficial effect on the biological sewage treatment plant as opposed to chemical products which can harm it
  • Easy and pleasant to use, reduces the number of hazardous chemicals on board
  • On ships with gravity systems, when used as the only washroom cleaner, it will clean and freshen washrooms and help to keep pipe-work flowing
  • On vacuum systems with a history of severe scale build-up product can be used between de-scaling operations with Biotal AR 3000 BW

Why Biotal Marine?

  • We have 20 years experience in the design and formulation of high-quality, scientifically validated and verified, marine products
  • We ferment our own highly-effective, application-specific strains of bacillus for use in our own products
  • Our use and understanding of our proprietary, eco-benign® chemistry means we have products that can comply with the highest environmental standards such as HOCNF registrations for offshore use
  • The unique combination of our deep understanding of the marine industry, our extensive biological product expertise and our knowledge in the use and practical applications of eco-benign chemistry ensures that Biotal Marine Series is the most effective and environmentally-responsible range of marine products available today