Biotal MDS-PAK 3000

Biotal MDS-PAK 3000 is designed for use in black and grey water systems, sewage holding tanks and marine sanitation devices; it is suitable for use in waste transfer stations and on-shore water treatments.

Biotal MDS-PAK 3000 contains proprietary, application-specific bacterial strains chosen specifically for optimum efficiency in the marine sanitation device application. These strains have been scientifically verified and validated as being capable of degradation of all wastes commonly found in shipboard sewage plants (faeces, urine and paper). The bacteria have also been proven to be effective at degradation of a broad range of other organic wastes such as fats, oil and grease.

Biotal MDS-PAK 3000 is effective over a wide range of pH and temperature environments and is also effective in low oxygen situations such as sewage holding tanks.


  • Fast growing organisms for commissioning and upset recovery of marine sanitation devices
  • Maintains optimum operating efficiency of biological sewage treatment plants
  • Will create a biomass that is more resistant to chemical loads such as bleach
  • Prevents odours associated with overloaded or poorly operating systems
  • Reduces build up of sludge and odours in holding tanks making discharge easier
  • Eliminates need for costly manual or hazardous chemical cleaning of sewage treatment plants and holding tanks
  • Convenient water soluble packaging for easy dosing and no mess
  • Long product shelf-life

Why Biotal Marine?

  • We have 20 years experience in the design and formulation of high-quality, scientifically validated and verified, marine products
  • We ferment our own highly-effective, application-specific strains of bacillus for use in our own products
  • Our use and understanding of our proprietary, eco-benign┬« chemistry means we have products that can comply with the highest environmental standards such as HOCNF registrations for offshore use
  • The unique combination of our deep understanding of the marine industry, our extensive biological product expertise and our knowledge in the use and practical applications of eco-benign chemistry ensures that Biotal Marine Series is the most effective and environmentally-responsible range of marine products available today