Biotal AR 3000 BW

Advanced acid replacement technology for treatment of black water collection systems, either in a periodic descaling program; or for regular dosing to prevent scale build up as an alternative to sulphamic acid sachets.

Results for periodic de-scaling have been equivalent to those achieved in dry dock, but as the product is not corrosive to skin, the treatment can be carried out whilst the ship is operational.

The product has been proven to be more is more effective than organic acids (citric, malic, etc) as well as mineral acids such as phosphoric and is not harmful to the environment, unlike sulphamic acid.

The formula contains a powerful degreasing agent to improve scale removal where grease and oils are present.


  • Excellent for periodic descaling of vacuum toilet and sewage collection systems giving results equivalent to dry dock treatment, AND can be carried out when the ship is fully operational
  • Can also be used to prevent scale formation, by regular dosing into toilets in place of sulphamic acid water soluble sachets
  • Concentrate product is classified only as a skin irritant and does not require corrosive labelling
  • Not classified as harmful to environment
  • Significantly more effective than other safe scale treatments based on organic acids
  • Contains a powerful degreasing capability within the formulation and can still descale in the presence of oil and grease contamination, improving performance and saving time to achieve the required results
  • Can be used to manage scale in black water systems in combination with Biotal MDS 3000

Why Biotal Marine?

  • We have 20 years experience in the design and formulation of high-quality, scientifically validated and verified, marine products
  • We ferment our own highly-effective, application-specific strains of bacillus for use in our own products
  • Our use and understanding of our proprietary, eco-benign┬« chemistry means we have products that can comply with the highest environmental standards such as HOCNF registrations for offshore use
  • The unique combination of our deep understanding of the marine industry, our extensive biological product expertise and our knowledge in the use and practical applications of eco-benign chemistry ensures that Biotal Marine Series is the most effective and environmentally-responsible range of marine products available today